Professional presentation Tips

Toutes les phrases types pour faire ne présentation professionnelle efficace en anglais : Accueillir les participants et introduire votre sujet, les phrases types pour vos présentation, ses enchaînements et sa conclusion.

1 –Welcoming and Introducing

Welcoming the audience :
Thanks to all of you for being here on time
For those who don’t know me, my name is …
I would like each of you to briefly introduce yourself
My presentation will last 20 minutes            

Introducing the subject :
Today I’m going to talk about ...
The purpose of my presentation is to ...
Today’s agenda aims a speech about ...

Structuring the presentation :
I will start by describing ...
Then, I will move on to …
After, that I will consider …
Lastly, I will quickly recap before concluding ...


2 – The presentation progress

Moving on :
Let’s move on the next slide ...
Let’s go back to the previous slide ...
I’d like to refer now to the slide number 6

Commenting visual elements :
A picture:
On this picture we all can see that ...
This slide highlights our current results
This picture illustrates the ...

A chart :
This pie chart underscores the percentages…
On this Bar Chart, we can notice the trends …                          

Verbs describing trends :
Upward movements:    Rise / Increase / Climb / Peak
Upward fast:                Soar / Rocket
Downward trends :       Decline / Decrease / Drop / Fall
Downward fast :           Collapse / Plummet / Plunge
Regular :                     Level off / Steady
Irregular :                   Fluctuate / Oscillate

Linking words :
Adding :                        Additionally / Moreover / Besides
Expressing result:          Therefore / As a result / Consequently
Nuancing :                    However / In spite of / On the other hand
Expressing similarity:     Similarly / In the same way / Equally

Giving an example :
For example / instance …
Let me illustrate this point with an example
A good example of this is …

Changing subject :
Let’s now talk about …
By the way, let me switch to ...
Now let me turn to …


3 – Ending the presentation

Involving  the audience :
Do you have anything to add?
What do you think about this last point?
Do any of you have questions ?

Dealing with interruptions :
I will come back to this question later in my talk
Perhaps you’d like to raise that point at the end
We will be examining this point in more details later on
Our time is running short, let’s go back on tracks

Concluding words :
To conclude / In a nutshell
Let’s summarize / Recap briefly
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