Meeting Tips

Vous devez animer ou participer à une réunion en anglais ? Utilisez nos mémos et retrouvez toutes les phrases types à utiliser pour organiser et animer une réunion en anglais.

1 –Scheduling

Plan a meeting  :
I inform you that I will hold a team meeting next Monday
It’s time to plan the next project managers meeting
I’ve scheduled a sales meeting tomorrow at 10:00 am

Call a meeting :
It will take place on May, 9 at 4:30 pm
I’m sorry but I have to postpone today’s meeting
It would be better if we bring forward the meeting scheduled next week
(Please note that your attendance is required
Please confirm your attendance ASAP)


2 – Opening the meeting

Welcoming the audience :
Thanks to all of you for being here on time
We should end our meeting around noon
I would like each of you to briefly introduce yourself
To begin, let's quickly go over the minutes from our last meeting
Please look at your copy of the agenda

Starting the meeting :
The main objective of our meeting is ...
Let me present today's issues and topics
OK, let me open the meeting with a few introductory remarks
We are here today to consider Firstly... Secondly... Thirdly...
Afterwards, we will have to deal with troublesome points such as
There are xx items on the list today. Let's start with number xx."  


3 – Leading the meeting

Asking for opinion / Requesting suggestions :
Strongly :
Do you have any suggestions…?
What’s your reaction to that... ?
Perhaps you’d like to explain/To tell us

Neutrally : 
One possibility is to... Another possibility would be to...
The only solution seems to be...

Tentatively : 
I think we should ...
By doing ... we’ll be able to 

Giving Opinion :
Strongly :
I’m convinced that …
I feel quite sure that …
It’s perfectly clear to me that …

Neutrally :
I believe that/I think that …
From my point of view …
To me...

Tentatively :
It seems to me that …
I’m inclined to think that …

Agreeing/disagreeing :
Strongly : 
I quite agree
I’m complete agreement
I couldn’t agree more

Neutrally : 
I agree
You’re right there
That’s right/that’s true...

Tentatively :
I disagree completely
On the contrary
That’s out of the question...

Refocus the meeting :
Excuse me for interrupting
I’m afraid that’s outside the scope of this meeting
I remind you that our main object today is…
Please be brief, we have to run out of the time
Well, we will look into this point after a 10-minutes-break

Making a decision :
Strongly : 
The only solution is to …
I see no other alternative but to …

Neutrally :
My recommendation is that we should …
I would suggest that we …

Tentatively : 
One solution would be to
It might be a good idea to …
How about opting for this solution?


4 – Ending the meeting

Ending the discussions :
It’s getting too late, so let’s wrap up our discussions for today
I think we’d better leave that for another meeting…
It’s time to close our meeting

Sum up the meeting :
As a conclusion, let’s list up today’s decisions
I remind you that we’ll have to go ahead on…
It’s been a long day, but I believe we have made some real progress

Following up :
Before we leave, I would like to propose a date for our next meeting
You’ll receive the minutes of meeting by e-mail within a couple of days

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