Emailing tips

Besoin d'aide pour travailler et écrire en anglais ? Utilisez nos "mémos" d'anglais et retrouvez ici toutes les phrases types pour écrire un email professionnel en anglais.

1 – Greetings




Common greeting :

Dear Mark,
Hello (Mark),

King / Best regards,

Formal greeting : 

Dear Mr Smith,
Dear Sir, / Dear Madam,

Yours faithfully,
Yours sincerely,

Informal greeting :

Hello Mark,

(Best) regards,

Unknown recipient : 

To whom it may concern



2 – Reminder

Thank you for your email of March 10th
Further to our phone conversation …
Following your enquiry …
Concerning / Regarding this internal process …
It was a pleasure meeting you/talking to you earlier


3 – Opening and core content

I am writing regarding to (+ email subject) 
Your name was given to me by …
I am writing to you on behalf of …

Thank you for your consideration / help on that matter
Thank you for your availability/quick answer
In reply to your email, here is …

I'm writing to let you know that …
Just a quick note to let you know …
I (we) am (are) delighted to tell you that
We regret to inform you that

I'd be very grateful if you could … (formal)
Would you be so kind as to … (formal)
Could you please sort this problem out ? (Common)
Would it be possible for me/for you to … (common)
If you don’t mind, I think we will have to review the whole file together
I'm interested in receiving your opinion on this subject
Would you mind giving more details about this project

  Follow up / revival
To this day, I haven't received any answer from you regarding ...
I would like to kindly remind you that I’m waiting for your answer
Further to our last meeting, I look forward to receiving your reply

I (We) would like to express our gratitude for all your help on this matter
Thank you for all your assistance
Thank you for providing the requested information

  Slot and Diary management
It might / may be hard to meet this deadline
For sure we’ll find the most suitable slot for this hangout
How about this very Friday at 5pm?
Tell me what suits you best


4 – Ending

  Remain available
If you need any additional assistance, please contact me
If you need any further information, please feel free to contact me
Thank you for your kind cooperation

  Refers to upcoming contact
Please contact me again if you require any further information
I will send you the details ASAP
I look forward to hearing from you soon

5 – Attachment

- Please find attached / Hereby attached / enclosed
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